Whether you need advice or help with the design of your logo or text, we are here to help you!
We print every packaging for shampoos, combs, sweets, etc. - even without a minimum purchase.
Simply send us your logo by email and we will create a photomontage free of charge.
You can either order online or contact us by phone: +49 (30) 23573470
The personalization of your amenities is done in 3 simple steps:
1. You send us your logo or text to:
2. We create the design and send you a photomontage.
3. You confirm the photomontage and place the order.
Thanks to our patented manufacturing method, we are able to personalize all collections even for small orders of just one carton.
Please be aware that the print is single color!
Available colors: black, white, blue, green, red, brown, gold and purple.
The creation of the design and the photomontage are free!
personalization amenities