Personalisierung Hotelkosmetik
Please understand that we only sell to commercial clients (B2B).
Creme de Lait
Aqua Ice of Sweden
Aqua Ice of Sweden
Zen Green Tea
Zen Gruener Tee
100% Nature
100 Nature
BVG Gold 24K
BVG Gold 24K
Biorganical 100% recyclable
Biologisch / Organisch 100% Reciclebar
Violette Arome
violette arome
Cleaning Kits
Welcome u. Reinigungs Sets f√ľr Appartements
Flexitubs 20ml
Hygiene Kits
Soap dispenser
Towels / bedding
Handt√ľcher, Badem√§ntel, Sipper, Bettw√§sche
Hygiene and accessories
Cups and sponges
Becher und Schwämme
Event gifts
Eventgeschenke und Giveaways
Room fragrance
Hotel supplies
Sweets and giveaways
S√ľsswaren und Giveaways
Candles and decoration
Kerzen und Dekoration
Catering supplies
Restaurant- und Gastronomiebedarf
VIP hotel cosmetics
Cleaning products
Recomended for...
Hotels and cottages
Personalization of hotel cosmetics with low order volume.
Hygiene kits can be compiled and customized as needed.
Suggested category: Hygiene Kits
Campsites and holiday homes
After a long journey, your guests will appreciate a refreshing cleaning kit.
Suggested category: Welcome and cleaning kits
Bistros and restaurants
The opportunity to freshen up after an extensive restaurant visit is guaranteed to be a pleasure.
Suggested category: Restaurant and catering supplies
Hotel items - popular souvenirs
The major large hotel chains in Asia, the Middle East and the USA all do it - they offer all sorts of amenities in their rooms, from the hotel shampoo, conditioner and lotion, selected soaps to combs, toothbrushes and slippers. The various items are proudly packed by many guests and taken home as trophies and mementos, sometimes to even give away. Large hotel chains have it easy - they can source their hotel products worldwide and thus place huge orders. The resulting economies of scale make the purchase of hotel supplies comparatively cheap. For smaller chains operating in just one country or region, or individual hotels, the situation is much more difficult. However, guests also expect from them the full range of hotel items, such as hotel cosmetics, hotel shampoo or hotel shower gel. Either you are now buying cheap off-the-peg products, which have no branding and therefore zero advertising impact and no recognition value. Or, you currently order hotel supplies and hotel cosmetics with your own logo, which is great for your marketing, corporate identity and recognition, but was not cheap in the past.
This has now changed! offers a variety of hotel products and high-quality amenities that can be customized in small quantities, without the purchase price skyrocketing. How does do that? We buy high-quality amenities such as hotel shampoo in large quantities, so we have the same economies of scale as the big hotel chains. With our sophisticated technology, we are then able to customize items from our wide range of products exactly according to your wishes - and not at all expensive!
Costumized hotel cosmetics
Your hotel needs customized cosmetics according to your wishes!
All the items you need are customized with us, such as customized hotel cosmetics with your logo, the name of the hotel, the address, etc. A customized shampoo is a nice keepsake which many travellers like to carry in their toiletry bags. Every time they use it, they will remember their pleasant stay at yours. This is perfect advertising, and it's almost free!
Customized products, but at fair wholesale prices is a hotel wholesaler. We buy at reasonable prices and we pass that on to you, our customer. Our hotel wholesale offers personalization according to your wishes and not at all expensive, but at surprisingly low prices. See for yourself! Take a look at our catalogue on the web, for example. Here you can find various items of hotel cosmetics. Discover at your pace what you need for your hotel or your guesthouses! All amenities customized for you! The hotel products bought wholesale from makes it possible!
If you run a small hotel or guesthouse and have not customized your cosmetics yet, then why not surf and have a look around. We will not disappoint you! You will get customized items for a really low price. See you soon at!