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The boxes and packaging are made from fully recycled paper complete with the accompanying forest management certificate. They are free of plastic foil and polyethylene. The inks used are based on soy. Information about ecological and sustainable awareness are included in the packaging.
Our bottles and containers are made from 100% recycled and recyclable rPET. The oxo-biodegradable plastics contain an additive called D2W, whose function is to break up the carbon bonds in the plastic, resulting in a reduction in molecular weight and a loss of long-term resilience. The fully degradable plastics cause no damage and leave only negligible amounts of H2O, CO2 and biomass. This ensures compliance with the latest European directives.
Our personal care products (combs, razors and toothbrushes) of the new collections Rawganical and Go Green Bio are made of biodegradable plastic. The ECM biotechnology-derived plastic products boost the response of soil microbes by producing enzymes and acids that attack the long polymeric carbon chains. These chains become fragmented, then the natural acids of the microbes and enzymes act until they can be metabolized into CO2 + water or methane and / or biodegraded. This decay takes approximately between 9 months and 5 years.
Our soaps are made with ecologically sustainable vegetable oils.
We do not use neither sebum nor animal fat.
- Without parabens
- Without mineral oils and silicones
- Without Vaseline
- Free of formalin and formalin creators
- Without salt additive
- With soft, low-foaming surfactants
- with purified water
- Without phenoxyethanol
- Without GMO, without BHT-
- Dermatologically tested
- Without harmful odours
100% pure cotton swabs. The sticks are made of biodegradable sugarcane.
Our rubbish bags are 100% biodegradable and 100% compostable.
Hotel cosmetics from Top Amenities
Top Amenities stands for high product quality at fair prices.
All our shampoos, shower gels and soaps are made in the EU and therefore meet the highest quality standards. In order to keep a competitive price and to remain environmentally friendly, we do without unnecessary intermediaries and transport routes. This means that the goods will be delivered directly to you from our factory in Spain.
If you are interested in personalizing your logo, the process is just as easy. You send us your logo, we create a free photomontage and you grant the approval. Here's the whole thing again explained more precisely: Personalization.
Thanks to our patented manufacturing method, we are able to produce your personalized goods within 48 hours. And that even with very small quantities.
Another core competence of us are our hygiene sets and cleaning kits. According to the customer's request, these are assembled with the desired products, such as soap, dishwashing liquid, dishwashing detergent, washing powder, cloth or cloth swabs. These sets are particularly suitable for camping or short-term rental of apartments. Here to the welcome kits.
In our range you will find many different cosmetic lines and also guarantees the right one for your hotel. Here to the hotel cosmetics.
Hotel Supplies
Apart from the hotel cosmetics, we also offer all sorts of hotel and catering supplies, such as: cups and chairs, towels, bath towels, bed linen, decorative items, room fragrance, dispenser systems and toilet holders, sweets, giveaways and cleaning products. Here to the Hotel Supplies.
Furniture for the gastronomy and hotel industry
Our furniture from the Top Contract series will surely find a suitable place in your hotel or restaurant. The variety of our offer covers all areas of the hotel and catering industry. Whether hotel lobby or hotel room, reception, conservatory, balcony, terrace, dining room or restaurant. The right collection can be found right here: Furniture
Hotel beds
We offer hotel beds and box spring beds of the brand Thiriez Literie. Thiriez Literie, a French manufacturer, has been on the market for more than 25 years and stands for the very highest quality but 20% under the price of equivalent products from the competition. Arrange an appointment for a test bed in our showroom. Here to the Hotel Beds.
Even the most amazing, diamond and gold-filled rooms can not be seen in the dark. Do not give your dreams the well-known "well-being" aspect. One of our top brands, Savoy House, offers the harmonious combinations of ceiling and table lamps. Here for the Lighting.